Monday, November 10, 2008

Name Dropping: Marcoux Corner

Marcoux Corner is an acappella group from Minneapolis, MN. But I have known them since high school, too many years ago. Two of the members, Brent Thorson and Kevin Taylor, grew-up in Crookston, MN (which is a huge high school rival to EGF). They were also in a quartet that was "rival" to the Eastsiders (my high school quartet, included Name Dropping Alum, Adam Monley).

Anyway, I had the pleasure of singing with them on many occasions. I sang with Brent and Josh Baesler in All-State Choir and in the Concordia Choir.

They have been living the dream and singing all over the country and have even made trips outside of the US.
And if you can catch them in conert, you are in for some great music and an entertaining evening.

There pictures on the bottom are their albums, Buyin' Time, Tidings, and Live!

The members are; Josh Baesler, Kevin Taylor, Brent Thorson and David Phelps.

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