Friday, November 7, 2008

Martin Sexton

On Wednesday night, my wife and I went to see Martin Sexton live at the Historic Fargo Theatre. I am telling you there is no other artist like him. Between his vocals, guitar playing, and the pure emotion that comes from his music, I always leave feeling like a better person. The goose bump factor is in full effect when you are there in concert.

If you don't know him. Click on the the song titles to see live clips.

Glory Bound

Hallelujah - he is just messing around with "Little Darlin"

Black Sheep

Women and Wine

Beast in Me

There are many more, but these are some highlights.

His biggest claim to the main stream fame is his relationship with John Mayer. Sexton is probably the biggest influence on Mayer as an artist and then have opened for each other at various times in the their careers.

The picture was from a couple years when I got to hang out on his bus.
We're tight!!

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