Friday, November 30, 2007

Good-bye Foosball Table

It is a big day at work! We are moving to a new building and that is very exciting and a little hectic. Over the weekend our stuff will be moved and then back to work on Mon. We are moving into a building that is on the Microsoft Campus! There are many pros and cons about the move, some more important then the others.
1. It is much farther away from my home. I live in North Fargo and will work in very South Fargo.
2. Not working in downtown Fargo not too much food choice.
3. NO FOOS! I have come to terms with that...but it is still hard.

1. I will not have to walk a block from the parking lot to get to my desk - not so cold!
2. Faster connection to the network
3. I have a bigger cube not in a high traffic area and a window. So I can start my car from the inside instead of on the way there!

I guess that lays it oiut pretty clearly. Otherwise things have been pretty much the same. I have been busy at work and with activities that come with the Holidays. Thanksgiving was great. The Damicos and the Wilsons went to a church and provided music and help for a dinner giving by the Homeless Shelter in Grand Forks. Then went to my Dads house and grazed on chips and MnMs until we ate dinner. It was good. We ate to much. Thats all I got for now.

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