Saturday, November 17, 2007

10:33 a.m.

Well, well. It is Friday, my brain is tired, and I don't feel well. I need to not think about work and let me mind flow...don't laugh.

I have been thinking about perspective lately. Why? You may ask. I am not sure. I think as I have been looking to change certain things in my life, things that I feel need to be change, I start to look at them differently. Are the changes necessary? Am I the only one that feels that way? I also believe it comes from trying to help others. And the feeling that I CAN help others. The truth that my wife and I "own" two cars, a computer, and many other things. And how, in this country we are considered lower-middle class. But in the social structure of the world, I am rich. Yet like many, not only in this country, I live check to check. Rich and poor is perspective. Liberal and Conservative, is all perspective. Right and Wrong, is all perspective. How we can look at a person, place, or issue through a telescope. We are able to distance ourselves and make some thing be so isolated, so independently important or unimportant. Perspective. It is so easy to do that, without thinking about it. Close our mind to the things that surround the specific "thing", and make it that "thing" relevant. Being relevant is perspective. Maybe we should try to change your perspective.

OK, it is Friday, and I should write about something a little lighter, so I will. I like soccer. I have become a rather large soccer fan. Every Sat. and Sun. I record games from England, Italy and the US. I know a more soccer players names than I do hockey players. But I don't understand how soccer has never been as popular as baseball or any other of the 4 big sports (Basketball, Football, baseball, and Hockey). The complaint is that it is too slow, not enough scoring. But the same can be said about Baseball. Or maybe the reason is because "we did not invent it". I love it. It is fast paced, strategic, extremely athletic. And yes, there might not be a ton of scoring, but that is what makes the goals so incredible. The build up, so the quick moves, the angles. Seriously, just watch a game. You will never see a fat soccer player. Can't say that about any of the American sports. I like soccer. My favorite team in English Premier League is Arsenal, and in the Italian Serie A, it is Roma. They both are fast and unselfish. Just watch. It is all perspective.

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