Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Name Dropping: Kristin Rudrud

This will not be quite as cool - well it might be - but I recently music directed Little Shop of Horrors at the Fargo Moorhead Community Theatre, and one of the many that showed up for auditions was none other then Fargo's own Kristin Rudrud.

Kristin Rudrud is best known for her role as Jean Lundegaard - William H. Macys wife - in the movie Fargo.
Click here to view her performing resume'.


John and Lisa Webster said...

Did she get a part?
During my senior year at Concordia, I lived in an apartment building near downtown Fargo. She was a tenant. She actually paid me to help her organize her apartment.
That's my claim to fame. Sad, huh?!

Daniel Damico said...

Um....No. She was a little older than we were looking. But she was entertaining. :)