Thursday, September 25, 2008

Presidential Candidates Stances on Education

In the October 2008 issue of America Teacher, they had a breakdown of the stances that the two Presidential Candidates have on eduction issues.

As I have felt in past elections, this issue is extremely important. Along with; the economy, international relations, the war in Iraq, education must be a topic at the debates and through the rest of campaigns.

I was unable to find a link or graphic to show, so this the same content from the Oct. 2008 issue of American Teacher. All of the content and info are the same, I only changed the format.

John McCain: "Under my reforms, we will put money and the responsibilities where they belong - in the office of the school principal."
New York Daily News - 8/4/08

Barak Obama: "I oppose using public money for private school vouchers. We need to focus on fixing and improving our public schools, not throwing our hands up and walking away from them."
Speech at AFT Convention - 7/13/08


No Child Left Behind
Obama: Will reform NCLB. Believes "NCLB has done more to stigmatize and demoralize out students and teachers in struggling schools than it has to marshal the talent and the determination and the resources to turn then around."
Speech in Manchester, NH - 11/22/07

Supports full funding. Supports reforming and fully funding NCLB and ensuring that teachers are not forced to teach to the test.

McCain: Supports NCLB as a "good start." Believes that the threat of tough sanctions gives schools and educators a big incentive to succeed.
Wall Street Journal - 5/29/08

Opposes full funding. Opposed multiple efforts to fully fund NCLB and provide schools, educators, and students the resources they need to succeed. Vote 35 - 3/10/04; Vote 60 - 3/09/03; Vote 5 - 1/16/03; Vote 192 - 6/17/01

Private School Vouchers
Obama: Opposes private school vouchers. Opposes using public money for private school vouchers.
Speech to AFT convention - 7/13/08; Education Week - 2/20/08; AFT 2008 Presidential Candidate Questionnaire

McCain: Supports private school vouchers. Supports expansion of private school vouchers and has repeatedly voted to set aside public tax dollars for vouchers.
Des Monies Register, editorial board, 10/24/07; Vote 170 - 6/12/2001; Vote 260 - 9/30/97; Vote 89 - 6/23/97

Head Start
Obama: Supports expansion of Head Start. Supports increased funding for and expansion of Head Start and Early Head Start, and proposes Early Learning Challenge Grants to help states move toward voluntary, universal preschool.
AFT 2008 Presidential Candidate Questionnaire;

McCain: Opposed increased funds for Head Start. Voted against increased funds for Head Start.
Vote 333 - 9/9/03

School Construction
Obama: Supports Additional funds for school renovation. Supports additional funding for capital improvements to schools to modernize their infrastructure.
AFT 2008 Presidential Candidate Questionnaire

McCain: Opposes expansions of school renovation programs. Opposed funding tax incentives and other programs for school construction and renovation.
Vote 108 - 5/16/01; Vote 242 - 7/30/99

You can find more about the candidates platforms at;

This website is a quick way to see how you match-up with the candidates and also as info on specific issues -

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