Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Thoughts on a warm day in March

Some days are a little slower than others. Some weeks, even slower. So I have been focusing on the summer, and for my family, it is a very important one.

1. My sister-in-law Jeanne is getting married to a great guy Kevin.

2. My brother Matthew is getting married to a great gal named Anna.

Isaiah, Katie and I are in both weddings. Here is the Line-up for each wedding:

Jeanne and Kevin's:
Isaiah - Ring Bearer
Katie - Matron of Honor/singing
Daniel - Usher/singing

Matthew and Anna's:
Isaiah - Ring Bearer
Katie - Bridesmaid
Daniel - Best Man

3. Isaiah turns 2 years old on August 12Th.
4. Katie turns 27 on June 5Th
5. I turn 30 on June 1st

I am sure there will be many things that pop in between all those events. So, I have started on my best man speech. What are the important things to "pass-on" to my brother that I can share in front of all our family and friends in 5-10 min? While I am not going to give that away, it has started my thinking about some of the events/people around me and what I would say to them about the adventure/path they are on. So I have decided to make a list of "Daniel Wisdom" that is good for everyone. So here it goes. Some will be blanket statements, others will be very specific.
1. To get respect, you first have to give it. It is truly earned and never should be expected.
2. Don't watch LOST before you go to bed. Your mind will never stop and then you can't fall asleep!
3. Hilary Clinton - don't run a dirty campaign. I am tired of this. And I don't want to see you fall into the trap. I fear it is too late.
4. To every musician out there. Play more!
5. There are many ways to say no and still be nice.
6. It's still NOT OK to wear all denim!
7. "March Madness" is a mental illness and you should be able to stay home because of it.

OK, there was not much Wisdom in there, but I needed to say it. Please check-out http://www.sojo.net/ it is a great website/blog about being a Christian in this world.[Photo]

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